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Sensitive Skin reacts to any aggression no matter how minimal, causing irritation and breakouts. Its extremely thin stratum corneum (top skin layer) shows tendency of flaking and dehydration and is susceptible to premature aging. Sensitive Skin above all things needs maximum protection.

Sensitive skin could be dry, oily or combination. Texture is rough and dull, prone to inflammation and breakouts from irritation. Skin may feel tight, especially after washing and in cold weather. Fine lines may be visible.

Recommended CNC Basic Care products.

Delicate Cleanser
A cleansing lotion that gently yet thoroughly, removes dirt and makeup. Leaves skin feeling soft and moist not stripped. Alcohol and fragrance free.

Delicate Freshener
Alcohol and fragrance free. Helps draw moisturizer deeper into the skin, leaving it dewy and radiant.

Delicate Moisturizer
Extra help for skin types that act sensitive, skin that is oily, dry or normal/dry. This intense moisturizing formula softens, smoothes and improves skin’s firmness.

Delicate Eye Cream
An intensely moisturizing cream. Helps prevent and reduce visible fine lines and loss of elasticity in this delicate area.

Skin Shammy Soft Cloth
Gentle as silk on any skin type, the “shammy” is an essential skin care accessory. Use it to wipe away cleansing products and dead surface cells.

Revives dull, stressed skin. Helps skin recover from harmful environmental influences with a powerful blend of antioxidants including vitamins E and C. This cooling gel penetrates deeply into the skin to intensively hydrate and enhance skin’s ability to recover from aging dehydration.

RNA 80
Formulated to work with the skin’s own nighttime repair and renewal cycle. RNA 80 increases moisture retention, improves suppleness, and counteracts the signs of skin fatigue.

Beauty Mist
Has a gentle therapeutic effect on many skin conditions including sensitive skins allergic to soaps, detergents and chemical mineral salts usually found in ordinary tap water.

To maintain proper moisture balance, while avoiding irritation. Maximum protection is necessary - that’s why cleansing is important. It removes daily makeup and impurities that can aggravate sensitive skin. Always use our very gentle Delicate Cleanser. It won’t strip precious moisture from the face. Avoid loofahs and harsh face towels. Try CNC's soft and gentle Skin Shammy to remove daily makeup and dead surface skin cells.