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Dry Skin occurs when the body produces insufficient oil and moisture to properly nourish the skin, causing it to become taut and rough. Dry Skin with excess oil production in the T-Zone (forehead, nose, and chin) is known as Dry Combination Skin. The environment, exposure to sun and harsh weather can further increase natural dehydration. Moisture and oil production in all skin types naturally decreases with age, aggravating dryness.

Skin feels dry and flaky. Texture is rough and dull. Skin may feel tight, especially after washing and in cold weather. Fine lines may be visible. Pores are barely noticeable.

On the cheeks, Dry Combination skin has the same appearance as Dry Skin, but it also has the following characteristics: T-zone feels moist or oily and looks shiny; skin texture is rough and uneven; T-zone pores are enlarged and blemishes may occur.

Recommended CNC Basic Care products.

Delicate Cleanser                                                     A cleansing lotion that gently yet thoroughly, removes dirt and makeup. Leaves skin feeling soft and moist not stripped.

Delicate Freshener
Helps draw moisturizer deeper into the skin, leaving it dewy and radiant.

Collagen Day Lotion
Ultra-hydrating collagen-based lotion to protect the skin from environmental abuse and moisture loss, the primary causes of premature aging. Recommended for Dry Skin.

Renascent Daily Defense
Increases moisture retention and improves suppleness. Also contains antioxidant vitamins to protect against environmental causes of premature aging.

Collagen Night Cream                                         This is our most intensive nighttime cream for skin that requires skin-drenching hydration.  Let it work for you while you sleep; feel and see a fresher, brighter face in the morning.

Delicate Eye Cream
An intensely moisturizing cream. Helps prevent and reduce visible fine lines and loss of elasticity in this delicate area.

A serum that intensively nourishes dry skin areas, boosts hydration within skin plus adds moisture to its surface.

A cooling hydrating gel for skin showing signs of stress, fatigue, and dullness. Revives skin with a powerful blend of antioxidants including vitamins E and C.

Renascent Skin Restoring Treatment
Gently removes layers of dead skin cells that dull your skin’s natural radiance. Also allows your moisturizer to penetrate more quickly.

Cleansing is important because it removes makeup and impurities from the day. Always use a very gentle cleanser that won’t strip precious moisture from the face.

Not surprisingly, intensive, targeted moisturizing to soften and nourish the skin is the priority for Dry and Dry Combination Skin. Over time, consistent moisturizing will reduce the appearance of fine lines and roughness. Using moisturizers containing antioxidants helps protect the skin from environmental factors which cause skin to age prematurely. People with Dry Combination Skin often neglect to moisturize the T-zone because they are afraid that extra moisture will make the T-zone oilier. However, despite the moist feeling resulting from the excess oil, skin in the T-zone needs hydration just like the rest of the face.